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Timothy Schmitz, Illinois State Representative ~ 630.845-9590



Timothy Schmitz has been endorsed in the General Election, November 2010 by:

- Chicago Tribune:  “Republican Tim Schmitz of Batavia is a consistent vote for more efficient government and a business climate that will lure jobs-he is endorsed.”
National Rifle Association of America, PVF
- Illinois State Rifle Association
- Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC
- Associated Firefighters of Illinois
- Township Officials of Illinois PAC
- National Federation for Independent Business- Guardian of Small Business Award
- Allliance PAC, the political arm of the IL Statewide School Management Alliance.

Reform and Restructure Spending
Supports pay as you go budgeting system. (PAYGO) HB 3189 is currently in House Rules. - Would control spending, require full accounting of revenues before expenditures or enhancements are allowed or face reducing expenditures or enhancements to offset additional spending.

Supported the Sunshine Commission Act. HB 4836 - Creation of a sunshine commission to thouroughly review relevancy, efficiency and effectiveness of each state executive branch program.

Supports instituting the “Truth in Accounting” principals as they pertain to State budget. - Reforms the State budget by making it more accurate, accountable and transparent.
- Requires all state government agencies to switch to full cash accrual accounting standards, requires legislative approval based on estimates generated by COGFA prior to passing any appropriations bill.
- Spending bills must be published online. Comptroller must publish an annual report prepared in accordance with the principles of full accrual accounting to explain any differences that exist between the estimates accepted by the GA prior to the fiscal year and the actual outcomes achieved by the state during that fiscal year.

Create Jobs and Increase Revenues
- Supports McPier Reforms
- Supported the Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit
- Supports Re-enacting and Expanding the Training Expense Tax Credit ((HB 5812)
- Supports the Manufacturing Job Destination Tax Credit Act (HB 5808)
- Supports the creation of the Small Business Development Grant Fund (HB 4943)

Reinvent Illinois Government
-Eliminate the office of the Lt. Governor
- Combine Comptroller and Treasurer positions
- Increase Accountability for use of State Aircraft
- Place a moratorium on Non-Essential Promotional Spending
- Supports taking the “big money” influence out of Elections HB 5008
- Supports the Fair Map Ammendment

Hold the Line on Taxes
- Strongly opposes raising the State income tax.
- Illinois still has record levels of unemployment or underemployment across the State.
- We can not ask residents to pay more money they don’t have.


Paid for by the Friedns of Tim Schmitz. A copy of our report is available through the Illinois State Board of Education.